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  • What is the difference between your 'Art Shop' and 'POD Shop’?
    Art Shop: My 'Art Shop' is where you can discover a curated collection of my handcrafted art prints, originals, and other artwork that I personally keep in stock. When you order from the 'Art Shop,' I personally take care of the packaging and shipping process. POD Shop: In the 'POD Shop,' which stands for Print on Demand, you'll find a range of custom-printed items. These products are created and shipped by a trusted third-party partner. Each item in the 'POD Shop' is specially printed just for you, offering a wide variety of customization options to match your preferences.
  • My package never showed up because I entered my shipping address wrong! Can you refund me or send me another one for free?
    Please know that replacing prints due to customer address errors can be expensive. I request that you thoroughly review and confirm your accurate shipping address and email information before finalizing your order
  • Can you change the color or size of an artwork?
    I do not provide the option to change the color or size of my artworks. Each piece is created with a specific vision and intention, and I aim to preserve their original form and artistic expression.
  • I want to use an artwork of yours!
    I'm thrilled that you're interested in my artwork! If you'd like to get a tattoo of one of my drawings, you can purchase an ink pass. For collaborations, licensing, or reposting on Instagram and other digital platforms, please also reach out and request permission. I appreciate your interest and look forward to discussing potential collaborations and exchanges.
  • I want to commission you for a personal drawing.
    I'd love to discuss a commission for a personal drawing with you! Before reaching out, please ensure that you have a clear idea and that it aligns with the vision, style, and intention of my artwork. Email :
  • What currency is used on your website?
    I use United States Dollars (USD) as the currency for all transactions on my website.
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